How To Use Body And Serum For Self Care?

Bath oil: Add a few drops of Body Oil of your choice in the night shower to make you unwind at night, this will help you in sleeping better at night. Look for the Body Serum for nourishing your skin even more.



Relaxing massage oil: take the stress from the muscles by pouring Body Massage Oil on the affected area, and massage with a gentle warm hand. This will help in calming the sore and aching areas.


Show some love to your hands: Rub a dollop of body oil on your dermis to soften. You can use the coconut oil for teh extra nourishment and make your nails healthy again.


Don’t forget about the feet: After removing the debris from Body Scrub and the dead skin cells. Massage the body oil all over your feet and ankles. Wear socks after this procedure and take a beauty sleep for waking up with soft nourished feet. Do this in winter for the maximum amount of self-love.


Perfume: if you have a sensitive nose it could be the most typical task for you to roam in the heavy scents, but you can use a few drops of Universal Face Oil on the areas such as necks, wrist, and back of the ears. This will give you a light natural, fainted but the pleasant smell – you can use the scented body mists or serums after showering for all-day freshness. The key element here is to find the right type of fragrance that suits your personality. In order to know check on the Body Skin Care range online.



Shaving oil: it is necessary to prep yourself before shaving. If you prep your skin with the Best Body Oil also diminishes inflammation and reduces the requirement for a post-shave moisturizer. You can feel the difference immediately after using oils for shaving as this will give you a close and smooth shave.


Haircare: warm some oil in your palms and lightly massage your hair from root to tips – this will boost your hair growth and will keep the fizz on the bay. To get deep-conditioning hair treatment that shines throughout, rub an ample amount into hair, and leave it overnight. Detangle them with a broad comb, put them in a braid, sleep on the satin pillow-case. In the morning, wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Apply a hair mask if you feel like it. These steps twice a week will make your hair strong, shiny, and healthy.


Use a body scrub twice a week for beautiful skin: make a body scrub and mix that in a nourishing body oil or serum and exfoliate with this mixture till you reveal fresh and dead cells free skin. You can use this mix on your knees and elbows every day to keep them soft and nourished. After this regime don’t forget to use the moisturizer or creams as scrubs can dry out your skin. Follow this Body Skincare procedure for a week for and you will see the difference in your skin texture.


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